- Trenton Mercer Airport built by the U.S. Navy. Known as Mercer Field. (440 acres- 12 buildings).

- Beginning of negotiations for Mercer County to takeover Mercer Field.

- Mental patients housed at airport barracks asked to be moved from building by 9/1/1952.
- U.S. Navy transfers ownership of airport to Mercer County.
- Runway improvements and lighting completed to attract commercial airlines.
- Flight pattern studies done to determine if flights will fly over congested areas.
- West Trenton residents oppose plan to use airport as commercial field. Petitions circulated.
- After nearly 10 years of delays, Allegheny Airlines gets ok to begin passenger service 6/1/1955 (DC-3's).
- Bond floated for land acquisition, runway extension, construction of small plane hangar, installion of landing lights.
- Runway 11/29 disabled.
- First commercial passenger service DC3 propeller type begins. Allegheny Airlines.
- 360 acres surrounding airport purchased for future expansion of runways.

- ILS installed on runway 6/24. West end (Pennsylvania) only.
- High Intensity Lighting installed on runway 6/24.
- Scotch Road relocated.
- Houses in Birdland section adjacent to airport purchased and demolished.
- Airport expansion opposition urged.
- Runway expansion foes meet with freeholders.
- FAA holds hearings on expansion.
- Fire destroys hangar/terminal building.
- Fire damages Barracks built in 1943 at airport.
- Runway 6/24 800 ft. extention from 5,200 to 6,006 ft completed.
- Significant public outcry from Ewing Residents over runway extention.
- Proposal to extend runway 6/24 to 7,000 ft. submitted.

- Temporary portable 2,400 sq. ft. terminal is installed.
- New expanded apron and taxiway proposed.
- During proposal for expansion of apron and taxiway, airport asks to widen taxiway further.
- Construction of new 20,000 sq. ft. terminal is completed.
- First Commercial Passenger Turbojet Service DC9 introduced. Allegheny Airlines.

- United begins turbojet service out of Mercer, which had been without a carrier since 1979 and is soon joined by Alleghany and Ransome Airlines.
- Ransome Air and United halt flights.
- Holiday Airlines begins service between Mercer and Newark. Service ends 2 months later.
- Piedmont Commuter begins propeller flights to Baltimore.
- Henson Air, a subsidiary of Piedmont, begins service.
- Jetstream International, a subsiidary of USAir begins turboprop service to Baltimore. Service halted 11/88.
- USAir buys Allegheny and Piedmont.

- USAir begins turbojet service to Pittsburg.
- USAir halts service to Pittsburg. Baltimore service ends 3 months later.
- Colgan Air begins Turbojet service.
- Colgan Air halts operations.
- Eastwind Airlines begins Commercial Turbojet service.
- Proposal to build 44,000 sq. ft. replacement terminal submitted.
- Voluntary noise abatement program established.
- Shuttle America begins Commercial Turboprop Service.
- Eastwind Airlines ends Commercial Turbojet Service.
- Eastwind Airlines defaults on rent to Mercer County.
- Executive Jet Port declares bankruptcy, defaults on rent to Mercer County.

- Mercer County attempts to bring Southwest Airlines to Trenton Mercer with promise of new new terminal with 4 jet gates.
- Mercer County Airport Deficits understated to FAA.
- Mercer county scales back new terminal project from 4 gates to two gate, while retaining 44,000 sq. ft. footprint.
- Pfizer builds 86,000 sq. ft. terminal.
- Corporate Aviation Hangars of TTN, LLC.
- Ronson Aviation Hangars
- FONSI for New 44,000 sq. ft. terminal project.
- BRRAM challenges FONSI and requests EIS in 3rd District Court.
- FAA withdraws FONSI.
- Ronson builds new 40,000 sq. ft. hangars.
- Comair, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, Begins turbojet service.
- Boston Maine Airlines halts service.
- Taxiway rehab.
- EMAS project runway 16/34.
- Frontier Airlines begins service to 10 destinations.
- BRRAM submitts letter to Mercer County and FAA requesting EIS. (2013)
- Additional parking lot constructed. (2013)
- EMAS project runay 6/24. (2013)
- Taxiway enhancement project. (2013)
- Additional parking lot proposed. (2013)
- Terminal enhancement project proposed. (2013)

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