·         Though we’re not meeting, here’s an update on what’s been happening: 
Appeal Lawsuit was filed end of May
No word yet on the status of that appeal. THIS IS NORMAL. Stay tuned, once we hear, you’ll be the first to know.
·         In July, BRRAM President, Holly Bussey, had conversations with a similar group in Texas whose plight mirrors BRRAM’s. The Texas folks are a few steps behind in the process compared to BRRAM but the ‘stories’ being told to them by the FAA are carbon copies regarding expansion etc. After a lot of work, they managed to get a meeting and invited BRRAM to attend. The meeting was in Washington, DC with the Associate Director of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).
·         The CEQ team was MOST interest regarding both instances and the troubling similarities. BRRAM was urged to file a “Whistle Blower” complaint to the FAA and to cc the Associate Director of the CEQ for NEPA Oversight. BRRAM is in the process of doing this now and hopefully will have completed within the next 10 days. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot!
·         The QED reports to the President of the United States, so this group is the highest monitoring group. The “Whistle Blower Hotline” of the FAA is for internal complaints of improprieties, but our Texas friends have shown us the “way” and we’re taking advantage of this and cross referencing their complaint with ours. The mission of the Whistle Blower group is that all complaints must be satisfactorily resolved for all parties before closing the record.
·         We’ve also heard that Congressman Fitzpatrick has been nominated for a position by the White House Administration so his interest and effectiveness in our plight will be limited. We’ll be continuing to investigate other political avenues and welcome help from other BRRAM members. You should contact all your political leaders! 
·         Other avenues of action regarding our issues besides the above are also being investigated.
·         BRRAM is hoping that our counsel will be able to attend our September 21 meeting.
·         Funds for our cause continue to come in. However, we need members to seriously consider more neighborhood group meetings as well as making PLEDGES of significant amountspayable over several months in order to fund our process.
·         We also need more volunteers willing to help organize local meetings and folks to help with some easy administrative work for the group.
Please consider getting more involved. Contact Don Wilcox (, Eileen Killeen (,) Julie Power ( or myself uuholly@yahoo.comwith your thoughts and areas where you’d like to help. See you in September.     
Holly Bussey, President for the entire BRRAM Board and working groups.
Thank you all and see you in September but we'll probably chat before then.

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