Bucks Residents For Responsible Airport Management (BRRAM) is an incorporated, volunteer, non-profit organization formed by a group of Bucks County, PA citizens concerned about past, proposed, and foreseeable future expansion of the Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). Air traffic from the Trenton-Mercer Airport severely impacts the quality of Bucks County life. BRRAM opposes any form of expansion or renovation of the Trenton-Mercer Airport until the environmental issues of noise, pollution, and safety are first identified and resolved for present day operations. BRRAM does not support the closure of TTN or the elimination of its air traffic. We believe TTN has a significant value to this region; however, not as a facility offering the level of commercial jet passenger service being pursued by airport management. Instead, we see TTN as a small, local, "good neighbor," friendly airport catering to corporate, as well as to private tenants who respect the environmental health and safety of its neighbors. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The Trenton-Mercer Airport as it looked in 1931 and how it looks today after many incremental upgrades over the years. These cumulative changes coupled with the lack of land use planning have created the environmental issues that communities in Bucks County Pa. and Mercer County NJ are experiencing today.
ACTION REQUIRED TODAY. IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT the INCREASED FLIGHTS. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM  YOU NOW. Send us an email at brram.org@gmail.com and include your name and phone and we'll send you a quick form to complete that will be compiled and used in our efforts. All details will be made clear in the document we send you.  DEADLINE is SUNDAY JUNE 8, 2014, so contact us today.
************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Contributions to help fund BRRAM's legal expenses can be made payable to "BRRAM" and mailed to: BRRAM, 25 South Main Street #208, Yardley, Pa. 19067. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Like us on Facebook at BRRAM.org

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