Bucks Residents For Responsible Airport Management (BRRAM) is an incorporated, volunteer, non-profit organization formed by a group of Bucks County, PA citizens concerned about past, proposed, and foreseeable future expansion of the Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). Air traffic from the Trenton-Mercer Airport severely impacts the quality of Bucks County life. BRRAM opposes any form of expansion or renovation of the Trenton-Mercer Airport until the environmental issues of noise, pollution, and safety are first identified and resolved for present day operations. BRRAM does not support the closure of TTN or the elimination of its air traffic. We believe TTN has a significant value to this region; however, not as a facility offering the level of commercial jet passenger service being pursued by airport management. Instead, we see TTN as a small, local, "good neighbor," friendly airport catering to corporate, as well as to private tenants who respect the environmental health and safety of its neighbors.




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BACKGROUND: On November 28 The TTN Airport had a separate meeting to discuss removing trees to provide site line improvement to the airport. This action will impact the ability to bring in more planes, and will impact the overall operation of the airport enabling more planes, more often, at all times of the day.

This tactic of separating portions of the overall expansion of the airport so that the TOTAL impact is not easily comprehended is reprehensible and is an example of SEGMENTATION (breaking a project down into portions that “fly under the radar” to avoid notice and not triggering a full blown Environmental Impact Statement/Study to be conducted).

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EMAIL SUBJECT: Public Comment Regarding 11/27/18 Public Meeting for EA for Runway Protection Zone and Obstruction Mitigation Project for TTN

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RE: COMMENT REGARDING the 11/27/18 the Public Meeting for the Environmental Assessment for the Runway Protection Zone and Obstruction Mitigation Project for Trenton Mercer Airport
On November 27, 2018 there was a separate meeting held to discuss another portion of the TTN expansion. This meeting covered an entirely different area of airport work and was presented with the perspective that impact would be local to those residents living near the airport whose trees would be removed. There was little attempt to connect that removal of trees and how that would impact the overall operation of the airport with the respect of its ability to increase the number of flights, lower altitudes and frequency.

This meeting appears to be another blatant attempt at “segmentation” at Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN), to avoid conducting a FULL, expansive Environmental Impact Statement (EIA) that would require the entire project be reviewed. TTN and its consultants continue to break airport build-out into many separate projects (whose whole, equals large-scale expansion). The tactic systematically presents the overall destruction of communities affected by your unchecked expansion.  You have ignored pleas from neighboring impacted communities to work with them to find ways to mitigate the negative impacts of the airport. We have asked only that you be a responsible neighbor and operate within the spirit of the law. We do not wish the shut down the airport.
TTN has been incrementally expanding the airport for well over 20+ years “under the radar screen”, so as to avoid conducting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  WHAT IS NEEDED is an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that measures the cumulative effects of (a) the improvements that TTN has done incrementally over the past 20+ years PLUS (b) the improvements in the current Master Plan.  The Cumulative EIS should:

- Measure the cumulative effects of the improvements that TTN has done incrementally over the past 20+ years PLUS the improvements in the current Master Plan.

- Study beyond the area adjacent to the airport and includes all other affected areas in NJ and PA
- Consider changes to the character and reputation of our communities
- Consider quality of life due to noise levels
- Include health & safety within our community due to air, water, land and noise pollution; vibration damage; disruptions to sleep; and disruptions to school activities
- Consider the economic impact on our tax base in terms of property values
- Consider the negative environmental impact on our ecosystems including the Delaware River, the Pennsylvania & Raritan Canals, wildlife, and farmlands
- Consider the impacts on Mercer residents (mostly the economically- disadvantaged in Ewing) who are losing homes being purchased by the airport or having trees cut down for this expansion (the current Master Plan)
- Consider the negative impacts to historic landmarks in affected areas in NJ & PA
TTN continues to defy the recommendation of the FAA in 2006---why? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should require that the Cumulative EIS be done.
The FAA document titled “ORDER WITHDRAWING Finding of No Significant Impact/Record of Decision (FONSI/ROD) dated February 23, 2006 for the Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) Terminal Replacement and Other Projects in the Capital Improvement Program” clearly states that the FONSI was withdrawn because the airport was no longer going to expand the terminal.   “The analyses of Build Alternative 2 revealed that [that] alternative would likely cause [sufficient] noise impacts that would require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).”( Build Alternative 2, the terminal was expanded to 4 gates. THIS IS WHAT’s BEING PROPOSED.)

I am asking that all those parties involved DO WHAT IS RIGHT and conduct a FULL EIA immediately of TTN Expansion project. DO THE RIGHT THING.








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